Welcome to the Tribal Eye Gallery website

DSCF4176The Tribal Eye Gallery has been created by two people based in Somerset, south-west England.

This is an online gallery, but occasionally we exhibit a selection of pieces from the evolving collection, inviting clients to view.

Our extensive artistic background enables us to have a good eye for quality.

Many years have been spent collecting, researching and selling tribal art, gathered throughout Africa and Europe.

All the work sourced and sold, is of original African origin, ranging in date from circa 19th to 20th century.

DSCF4170It has been a pleasure to meet the many collectors and dealers during the years, who echo our enthusiasm for African art.

By creating this Tribal Eye Gallery website, we hope to encourage others to see the fine qualities and beauty found within ethnography.

Our aim is to promote and sell beautiful pieces, from small to life-sized wooden figures, masks, headrests and seating, also bronze and terracotta items.

The images included in this website are an eclectic mix and additional items will be added in due course.

Please contact the Tribal Eye Gallery if any pieces on view are of interest or, if we can assist in your search for other items not displayed.

All enquiries welcome …


A sample of African art from the collection, in a gallery setting…